What is a "clone" golf club?

Golf clubs are made from golf club components. :-) Every golf club manufacturer buys those components from suppliers. Except in some very rare circumstances, those components are readily available for purchase by anyone. Just like IBM used off the shelf components to "invent" the first PC. Other technically savvy people soon discovered they could buy the same components, assemble them in the same way, and the Clone PC was born. So a clone golf club is similar to the concept of a clone PC. The goal of clone golf club manufacturer is to provide all of the performance & features of big name brands, but with better value to the golfer. Clones are not to be confused with the branded products they may seek to flatter, but they are made from the same materials, use the same shafts and grips, have the same design principles, and perform the same (or often better) as the name brands.

The important point is to use the same quality materials, the same casting foundries, the same quality assembly methods as all the big name brand producers. To buy the heads, shafts, and grips from exactly the same suppliers. A correctly constructed clone golf club will offer the same performance as a brand name golf club but provide you, the serious golfer, with a much better bang for your buck. So let others throw away their money on brand names, while you save money, and get the exact same performance with a clone golf club. The money you save will allow you to play more often, have more fun, and become a better golfer; thus lowering your scores.

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What is a "clone" golf club?
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