Thank you for your interest in our logo print. This 23" x 30" Limited Edition Artwork print features our logo in it's finest detail printed on heavyweight 7 mil semi-gloss paper using superior dye inks. Trying to convey that detail over the Internet is very difficult, so we cut a small sample from the original digital file so you can see just how beautiful and detailed this image is. The sample represents just 1% of the original print! The image speaks for itself. This offer is for initial first run prints. They will never again be available in this exact form.
If you'd like to order the print you may do so by clicking here. Remember, we offer a 100% money back guarantee, so you may inspect the poster for 30 days. (Does not apply to autographed prints.) If for any reason you need to return (or exchange) an item, simply contact the customer service department. You may also order a smaller version, not limited edition, by clicking here. In addition, you can get it autographed with a Certificate of Authenticy by For details, please email